How to take charge of your healthcare

Hi, I am Kathleen Aston with Kathleen Aston International. At Kathleen Aston International we really work with individuals to help them bolster their confidence, their self esteem and courage so that they can take better care of themselves and their families. But most importantly what I am here to talk to you about is to help you feel empowered to take better care of your health.

What I want to say to you is that you are worth the time. You are worth the effort to take time to ask your physician, to ask your healthcare providers for all the information you need to feel completely and ultimately comfortable with any medical procedure that you are going to be going into. So I really ask you to take a minute, write down all the questions you have, schedule a time to speak to your healthcare provider or providers, and ask your questions. Write down the answers for yourself. Do not allow yourself to feel rushed.

The doctors are hired by you. They work for you and although you need to give them respect, you also need to feel you are in the best hands. You understand what is going to be happening, the outcome, everything you need to know. Once you get those answers, if you still internally do not feel completely confident, if you have a sense of fear or a sense of uncertainty, I encourage you to call a loved one, or a friend, or someone who is a trusted advisor to come in and sit with you.

Or if they can’t do that, to go over your questions and answers on the phone with you so if you have secondary questions, you can ask those secondary questions before any procedure begins, or if that still does not satisfy you, please, I encourage you to request a second opinion. Doctors expect people to ask for second opinions if you are not completely satisfied or if not sure about the answers. This is your right. Your health is the most important thing you possess. So, please do that.

I also encourage you to today to join the Inner Circle and get your monthly newsletter for Avoid Medical Errors. You can find that right here at And we send you our encouragement and hope that gives you more courage to take the first step for yourself because you are the most important person in the professional healthcare environment. Take care.

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