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Staying Safe During a Hurricane Part 1

Hurricane Irene roared up the east coast of the United States this weekend. We had warning she was coming, but not everyone reacted the same way. The cautious stocked up and stripped stores shelves bare of fruit, lettuce, batteries, gas … Continue reading

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How to avoid infections in the hospital videotip

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How do medical malpractice attorneys evaluate a case?

The realities of filing and funding a medical malpractice case require that attorneys must start by evaluating the injuries a patient suffered. The most attractive cases, from a practical standpoint, involve significant damages. There are three types of damages. Non-economic … Continue reading

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100 Benefits of Meditation Part 3: Spiritual Benefits

Meditation: Helps keep things in perspective Provides peace of mind and happiness Changes your attitude toward life Brings body, mind, spirit in harmony Increases self-actualization Helps you discover your purpose Increases your compassion Grows wisdom Results in a deeper level … Continue reading

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100 Benefits of Meditation – Part 2: Psychological Benefits

Meditation: Helps with focus and concentration Increases creativity Improves learning ability and memory Increases brain wave coherence Increases feelings of vitality and rejuvenation Increases emotional stability Improves relationships Causes the mind to age at a slower rate Makes it easier … Continue reading

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