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Prevent urinary tract infections

Healthcare-associated urinary tract infections were once the most common type of infection in hospitals. They cause significant illness and even death in some patients. Catheterizations may injure the urethra (tube up to bladder), restrict the patient’s mobility, and cause the … Continue reading

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No salt diets

People with high blood pressure, kidney disease, or congestive heart failure, along with other conditions, may be asked to limit their salt. This involves more than the salt shaker. I grew up with cooking that did not involve adding salt … Continue reading

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Patient advocacy: Why Nurses Don’t Always Protect You

Tragedy into policy: A quantitative study of nurses’ attitudes toward patient advocacy activities As many as 115 patients may have contracted hepatitis as a result of the reuse of single use items in two clinics in Nevada. The 2008 investigation … Continue reading

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What to look for in a nursing home videotip

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Why is my diabetes getting worse?

My husband asked me this when his diet alone was not effective in controlling his type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes accounts for the 90-95% of all diabetes. It is typically diagnosed in adulthood. My husband did not have any … Continue reading

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