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The Risks of Tube Feeding

Your father is in the hospital after suffering a stroke. He is not alert enough to be able to swallow. Here are some ways he can be fed: • High calorie intravenous nutrition • A naso gastric tube that is … Continue reading

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Brain injuries – how they harm you

Each hemisphere of the cerebrum is made up of 4 lobes: frontal, parietal, occipital, and temporal. As I think about patients who suffered traumatic brain injury, I see how the location of their injury affects their ability to function. Wilma … Continue reading

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Types of brain injuries

You get a call that your nephew was riding his skateboard in the dark when he was hit by a car. Your niece tells you that he was thrown into the windshield of a car and hit his head. The … Continue reading

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Why you need to be a patient advocate videotip

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Diagnostic testing for head injury

Your daughter complains of a severe headache after she falls on an uneven sidewalk. You decide to take her to the emergency room. What can you expect might be done to figure out how serious her head injury is? Here … Continue reading

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