Self-Sabotage and Blender-Brain by Guest Author Kathleen Aston

self-sabotage, Kathleen Aston, Avoid Medical ErrorsWHOA! Why can’t my brain latch on to a single thought? I’m feeling nauseous…sick…I gotta sit down! Oh, wait. I am sitting down.
So often the best and most brilliant entrepreneurs get stuck, in what I like to call “Blender-Brain.” It’s that mind-spin of all your ideas, to-dos, responsibilities and goals set on puree in the thought-blender. Although I make fun (mostly of myself) about this condition, it’s actually incredibly painful and distressing and makes a gigantic mess of your life.

So how do we stop the blender? How do we find priorities in this medley-mush that threatens to consume us?

1. Stop the Chaos by Walking Away
That’s right…but don’t go far. Just physically move to a separate location. Bring with you a sheet of paper and a pencil. Now ask yourself, “What is the ONE thing I need to do today to ensure the survival of my life?” Write down the answer. Maybe for you it is cleaning up your house. Maybe you need to exercise. Whatever it is, it is the ONE BIG CLOG in the blender that keeps making everything else ooze over the edge. Once you have that “ONE” thing, go back to your desk. Shut off the phone and close out your email and the web. Just do that one thing today–don’t stop until that one task is complete.
Tomorrow you will have a little less in the blender and you can start this process all over again.

TWO WARNINGS: 1. Don’t you dare add anything else into the blender; 2. Only take out of the blender what you can DO that day. Before you know it, what’s in the blender will start to dissipate, and your brain will start to reprocess at a slower, healthier, more productive speed.

2. Dump the Blender Out on Paper Towels
OK…you can’t really dump out your brain…or can you? Yes, you can. Make three columns on a sheet of paper. At the top of column 1: IMPORTANT. These are big goals that have long-term impact on your business and life. At the top of column 2: URGENT. These items have immediate impact, but are usually more task oriented, or they are garbage you’ve accumulated from procrastinating. The last column is TO-DO. These items can be delegated; pushed out; or better yet–forgotten, for now anyway. This is your brain dumped out on paper. Now you can choose what is absolutely essential to complete from the URGENT column and one item from the IMPORTANT column to work on ensuring your business longevity. See, that wasn’t so messy after all.

3. Acknowledge if You’re In a Constant State of Chaos
If you find that every day is like running a marathon…if you find yourself breathless, chances are you are engaged in self-sabotage warfare. In this state, you’ve probably bitten off more than you can chew. (Yes, even the best of us can find ourselves choking on all our brilliant ideas.) You’re also not likely to be completing many of your initiatives and therefore not having effective impact. Falling short of your goals negatively affects your self-esteem and confidence. And the pressure of what you need to do and how to do it leaves you stressed, distressed, fearful and exhausted.

Here’s where you scream, HELP! Procrastination, inaction, lack of motivation, distraction–I could go on forever–are all forms of self-sabotage that are stopping you from enjoying the success you really want in your life. You need to do some real inner work on why you are afraid to succeed. Yep, you heard that right. “What are you really afraid of, Missy?” Spend time thinking about this. If you can find the answer (let’s be honest), you can start to work on the problem. After all, you’ve put a lot into this life. You deserve to get a lot out of it.

Noted author of numerous articles, intention-shaping blogs and the soon to be published book Precious Pain & Promises (Blessed by Tragedy); Kathleen Aston of Kathleen Aston International leverages her own life-journey of searching for and attaining massive transformations to serve as a beacon, mentor, role model and tough-love coach for career professionals and women business owners.

Supporting profound personal and professional transformation through coaching and training programs inspired by the Power of 4 TRUE System for Purpose-Driven Prosperity™, Kathleen provides methods and frameworks for intentional living and ultimate abundance. As an oft-quoted and acknowledged wise woman, Kathleen’s life purpose is to bestow upon women from all walks of life, mastering the mindset, success behaviors and life altering techniques to create fulfilling and joyful lives.

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