Portion sizes and weight loss

portion control and weight lossIf you would like to lose a little bit of weight, it could be easier then you might think without having to follow a strict diet. Before you start any strict diets, you should try to make simple changes in your dieting habits and make sure your portion size is the right size for you. The portion of food on your plate should simply be enough to supply your body with everything it needs, nothing more but also nothing less. Tesco-diet.co.uk has included 5 simple tricks to keep your portion size healthy.

Use smaller plates
Try to use a smaller plate as it is proven that you will not only eat less this way, you will also feel full. Modern plates are often a lot bigger than they actually require to be, so be careful when you buy your trendy new dining set, the same applies for your cutlery.

50% vegetables
A good guide to follow is to fill at least half your plate with vegetables, not only is it a lot healthier, the fibres within vegetables will give you quicker a filled up feeling.

Use chopsticks
It might sound odd to eat your roast dinner with chopsticks, but if you would, you could drastically decrease your food intake without feeling hungry. Eating with chopsticks requires more patience and leads to smaller portions per chopstick; this will make you eat slower which gives your brain more chance to convey the full feeling.

Water-rich food
Try to choose foods which contain a lot of water such as soups, salads, cucumber, water melon and so on. Most of the water rich foods contain considerably less calories and will therefore satisfy your craving. Furthermore it is scientifically proven that a salad or soup as starter can decrease the total amount of calories with 12% to 20%!

Make time
In today’s society it is easy to multitask and continue work as you eat, it is however important to relax and enjoy your food. Research has proven that you will soon forget about food you have eaten if you combined this with another task, leading to more cravings and temptations.

Reposted with permission from Tesco-Diet.Co.UK

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