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Amanda Trujillo – Nurse fired for being a patient advocate

The story of Amanda Trujillo is a horrifying one. Briefly, she is a single mom who fought to get off welfare and fulfilled her dream of becoming a nurse. Not only did she become a nurse, she earned a masters … Continue reading

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Substance abuse in healthcare providers

A previous post written by a nurse/patient disclosed a suspicion that the nurses in the emergency department took the medications that were charted as given to the patient. Substance abuse among healthcare workers is an often unrecognized problem. The healthcare … Continue reading

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Do you have a bug in your ear?

This is a guest blog post from Kaye Miller RN My husband and I have been RN’s in our small town for 23 years. There are only 2 hospitals: We are on staff at the bigger, busier facility. Between the … Continue reading

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Sleep impairment and surgeons – dangerous combination

“You promised. You promised me. I cannot wait any more,” the full term pregnant woman wailed. Her obstetrician replied, “I know you have been waiting, without food, for hours. We have worked hard to get this baby for you, and … Continue reading

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Emergency Department: When to join the patient in the treatment area

While in Naples, Florida, my husband developed a raging cold, sore throat and dripping nose and was concerned he had strep throat when he started to run a fever. Not sure if we should go to walk in clinic, try … Continue reading

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