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Wrong Patient Errors

A man went into the hospital for prostate surgery. It was a straightforward surgery and he should have done well. He was otherwise healthy. He was accidentally wheeled into the wrong room. A physician came into the room holding the … Continue reading

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Eating for Two: Nutrition during Pregnancy

You really are eating for two when you are pregnant. Every meal has an impact on the growing fetus and the energy needs of the mother. Nutrition is critical during all stages of pregnancy. Women who are malnourished during pregnancy … Continue reading

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Pregnancy and Diabetes

When I was in graduate school, I completed a paper describing an educational plan to teach pregnant diabetics. My University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing professor encouraged me to submit an abstract to the American Diabetes Association. I was so … Continue reading

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Eating for Three: Nutrition during a Multiple Pregnancy

My husband’s sister’s grandson’s wife is pregnant with twins and due to deliver any moment. She is at 38 weeks of her pregnancy. I can’t help but to compare her pregnancy with that of my mother’s when she was pregnant … Continue reading

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Infection in Hospital After Carotid Stent videotip

When I met David Seid, he told me this compelling story of a hospital acquired infection after a carotid stent and how this devastating complication affected his father.

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