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Registered nurses make a difference in patient outcomes

Evidence is mounting that the number of registered nurses and the hours per day that they provide care in hospitals can improve patient outcomes. “Nursing leaders and researchers acknowledge that if nursing units are understaffed or the skill mix is … Continue reading

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The Dangerous Cinnamon Challenge

This is a guest post by Leslie Block RN: Some of the things that people do for attention just astound me. The newest craze called the “Cinnamon challenge” has hit the air waves and social media sites like You Tube. … Continue reading

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Herbs and Medications: Not Always Perfect Together

Over the counter herbal medications, like saw palmetto, St. John’s Wort and willow bark may have beneficial effects. The number of Americans who consume herbal remedies increased from 10 million in 1990 to more than 50 million in 2002. Some … Continue reading

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Complementary or Alternative Medicine Videotip

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Are affirmations lies?

Affirmations: Lies, Truth, or Hopes? My husband and I were driving home last night when he declared, “Affirmations are lies.” Affirmations are a declaration of something that is true, such as to make a statement. But they are also used … Continue reading

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