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Hiring and firing healthcare workers with substance abuse problems

It is not so easy at times for healthcare employers to spot potential employees with drug problems. A person applying for a job may remain free of drugs during the period of a pre-employment physical and urine testing for drugs. … Continue reading

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Eloping from a nursing home…It’s not gardenias and wedding cake

To the uninformed, elopement is not a case of Mom being spirited off by some geriatric Romeo to “tie the knot” with white gardenias and wedding cake. It is a serious and potentially deadly situation. The definition of elopement used … Continue reading

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Heart valve surgery

Could you be in need of heart valve surgery? My relative Deepa did not dream she would be facing heart surgery when she planned a trip to England to attend a wedding. While she was in England, she noticed she … Continue reading

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Stroke Risk in Women

If you are a woman, you have a one in five chance that you will have a stroke. One out of six men will have a stroke. Early reaction to the signs of a stroke may prevent much of the … Continue reading

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Doctor’s office visits and inefficiency

Frustrated by the slowness of the healthcare system? Here’s a look at how we spend our time when we go to the doctor’s office.

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