The mission of Avoid Medical Errors is to inform the people who are concerned about maintaining their health, and to able to be good patient advocates for themselves and those they love. I set up this company after listening to medical tragedies for 24 years. Enough is enough! offers a free digital magazine subscription and a paid membership site. The digital magazine is a high quality 50+ magazine that has columns written by physicians, nurses, and wellness authors. Affiliates are individuals who wish to earn commissions for promoting our Inner Circle. You will receive a customized link to use to supply to other people to encourage them to visit our site and purchase our products. As an affiliate, you would earn dollars when people sign up for the paid membership site, the Avoid Medical Errors Inner Circle. For $19.97 a month, our Inner Circle members are receiving downloads (audio and transcripts) of monthly interviews with experts, monthly special reports or top sheets, answers to frequently asked questions and an opportunity to tell their story of an error.

Our affiliate program is set up with two tiers. You would receive 40% of the monthly fee for each person who signs up for the Inner Circle. You would receive 10% of the fees of anyone who becomes an affiliate as a result of your recommendation. Affiliates do not receive discounts on their own purchases. An affiliate who uses his or her own link to obtain a discount will be invoiced for the difference in the value of the product, or the cost of the product will be subtracted from commissions that are due.

See what the magazine is like by signing up for a subscription. If you become an affiliate, we’ll supply you with ads for your website, if you have one, and copy for emails to use to promote the site. We want you to succeed. We will provide you with sales messages, banners, and suggestions for how to promote our products. Join me in helping to save some lives.

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