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Doctors, Are You Listening to Your Patients? Communication From the Patient’s Perspective Part 4

7. Give me clear instructions. Use language I can understand. Give me my diagnosis; help me understand the treatment plan, and tell me the next steps. If I am receiving drugs known to be at high risk for errors, give … Continue reading

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What could go wrong? Nursing malpractice examples

These examples represent some of the cases I have seen as a legal nurse consultant: * the hospitalized patient who was alert, oriented, and ambulatory until the nurse administered an inappropriate dose of Morphine, resulting in a serious overdose; * … Continue reading

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My medical scare: medication overdose

I had to have an Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion (ACDF) in 2004. After many years, I was so happy that I would no longer have neck pain. I came back from surgery and I felt great until later that evening. … Continue reading

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Unnecessary eye surgery

A Baltimore ophthalmologist allegedly performed hundreds of unnecessary laser procedures on Medicare patients, according to a federal lawsuit filed this month. Some glaucoma patients treated by John Arthur Kiely, MD, underwent a dozen unneeded surgeries, and a patient may be … Continue reading

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