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How to Get the Best Nutrition in the Hospital

Hello, I am Kathleen Ashton. I am a nurse from Hammonton, New Jersey. And I’d like to tell you about one important area in nursing care and that is nutrition. When a patient is in the hospital,l many times the … Continue reading

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Women Make Teams Smarter

New Harvard research looked at how teams perform. “The methodology: People aged 18-60 were provided IQ tests and assigned randomly into teams. Teams were evaluated with a collective IQ score as well, after being asked to complete tasks (brainstorming, decision … Continue reading

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Patient Safety Tip from Barbara Levin – 1

Hello, my name is Barbara Levin. I am a registered nurse and I am from Hingham, Massachusetts. I am here today to discuss with you two patient safety tips. I want to encourage you that when you are admitted to … Continue reading

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Risks of cocaine use during pregnancy

There are significant risks to a baby who is born prematurely. Cocaine use during pregnancy increases those risks. Women who used cocaine while pregnant, even just once, had a one in three chance of having smaller, more premature babies, according … Continue reading

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Dogs + Drivers = Distraction + Death

Are you and your dog going on your last ride? Your dog can go flying into the dashboard or windshield if you are in a car accident. This very real risk led an insurance company in New Jersey to announce … Continue reading

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