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Here are some of the topics we cover in the Inner Circle.

Elizabeth Bewley, author of Killer cure, talks about
How health care accidentally kills more than 600,000 people a year
How hidden assumptions can kill you
Why communication errors occur
Harmful beliefs about medication
What questions you must ask your healthcare provider
How you can find out your rights to your medical records

Mike Schatzki, a former couch potato, talks about how to get fit
The myths behind the dangers of obesity
The myths behind the benefits of running
How being fit improves your chance of not dying from anything
How to train yourself to take on a more active lifestyle
How a simple change in your routine will result in enormous benefits to you

Cathy Demers on Magnetic Goals
#1 thing people want less of
#1 thing people want more of
How inattentive blindness affects our lives
How to train a part of your brain the size of the tip of your finger to help you achieve your goals
How to rub your goals
How to use concrete strategies to measure what you treasure

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