Patient Safety Educational Materials


  • One out of four people know someone who has been harmed by medical errors. Don’t be a victim of error – learn what you can do to protect yourself.
  • Know when and how to speak up to get the health care you need.
  • Be armed with vital knowledge when you learn and act on the unique patient safety expertise we have assembled for you.
  • Become a monthly member of our Inner Circle or invest in just the programs you want. Our patient safety educational material is divided into health promotion and medical error prevention topics.
  • Our Inner Circle resources engage you in learning as you hear an expert share tips that you need to know to stay healthy and be informed about your health care.
  • You receive the interview in audio download and in written form.
  • You will receive the supplemental bonuses of patient safety tip sheets, special reports, videos or additional audios to expand your knowledge and teach you what you need to know to stay healthy and be an informed patient.

See the Inner Circle Patient Safety modules listing here.


Watch a video excerpt from our most popular product, “Untangling Charlotte’s Web”.
Untangling Charlotte’s Web DVD
The Story of a Life Cut Short by Medical Errors
click for details

See Where Charlotte’s Story has been told. Charlotte’s dying wish was that others would hear her story. She wanted to prevent others from suffering from medical errors.

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